Inspired by the Laudato Si’ encyclical, the Global Catholic Climate Movement invites Catholics to celebrate the “Season of Creation” worldwide.


  • Starts: September 1 – World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

    Pope Francis recently proclaimed it as a day of prayer for creation, as the Orthodox Church has done since 1989, to “draw from our rich spiritual heritage the reasons which feed our passion for the care of creation”. Learn more here.

  • Ends: October 4 – Feast of St Francis

    The feast of St Francis of Assisi is a major day of celebration, to reflect on the life of the Patron of Ecology and author of the Canticle of the Creatures.


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Earth_planetThe Philippine bishops proposed in 2003 to celebrate creation in this Sep 1 to Oct 4 time-frame, with a pastoral statement that said: “In September 1, in many parts of the world Christian churches celebrate “Creation Day.” They have also set the period from this day to October 4 (the Feast day of St. Francis of Assisi) or the Sunday after October 4 as “Creation Time.” We wish to introduce this period to our Catholic faithful and acknowledge “Creation”, that priceless gift of the Almighty and Loving Creator who has made us into his own image and likeness.” The Archdiocese of Manila institutionalized the Season of Creation in 2013 by integrating creation spirituality in the liturgies, raising awareness about the ecological crisis and encouraging action to protect God’s creation (learn more here, here and here). Update: read Cardinal Tagle’s 2015 letter about the Season of Creation and the Catholic Climate Petition and watch our new Season of Creation webinar here.

Other Christian churches have been celebrating the Season of Creation (also called Creation Time) for several years already. For instance, in 2004 the Lutherans started celebrating the Season of Creation and in 2007 the World Council of Churches invited to observe Time for Creation.


  1. PRAY

    As a community: Highlight God as Creator in the Sunday liturgies by incorporating themes of Creation within the prayers and homilies (see this resource from the Columban Mission Institute in Australia, the plan and homily guides from the Archdiocese of Manila, Philippines). Host an ecumenical prayer service given the Pope’s invitation to use the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation to promote Christian unity.
    As an individual: Commit to praying on a regular basis for creation and for an ecological conversion for yourself, our leaders, and all people by joining the “Pray for cop21” prayer chain or using any of these prayer resources.


    As a community: Host a talk or study group about the Laudato Si’ encyclical (see encyclical resources).
    As an individual: Read the Laudato Si’ encyclical and watch this encyclical online course.


    As a community: Explore ways to reduce your ecological footprint and transition off fossil fuels using these resources.
    As an individual consider committing to a simpler lifestyle with these ideas and/or by joining Meatless Fridays.


    Promote the Catholic Climate Petition in preparation of the U.N. COP21 Climate Summit in November:
    As a communityIdentify a weekend to have a petition drive in your local parish using this petition toolkit.
    As an individual: sign the petition online and ask your friends and family to join. You could also ask your parish to promote it.


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